Creating An Effective Content Marketing Strategy

April 22, 2015 | posted in: blog

Many people view social media as something fun to do to pass the time, a way to share life hacks, personal images, and hilarious antics about daily living. For businesses? There’s a whole content marketing strategy to be had. Studies show that almost 70% of Twitter users buy from a brand they are following online, and 60% of Facebook users recommend brands they follow to friends. It’s no surprise then that social media marketing has made a huge impact on web marketing trends, business revenue and customer engagement. Here’s 5 tips you need to start creating a content market strategy to better your business.

1. Know Your Social Media And When To Post
Social media is the future of digital marketing, so in order to get in the game it’s important to know your platform. For example, content that has an image attached to it is 94% more likely to get engagement than a post without. People are visual creatures, and engaging images draw the idea and create interest to your potential customer. Other important aspects to note are the amount of times you should post within any given day. For example, it is recommended to post a maximum of 2 times daily on Facebook, any more than this and you will see engagement go down, and may risk losing followers if they find your content to be “spammy” in nature.

2. Connect With Your Followers
People follow company or business social media to get great updates, tips, tricks, and information about upcoming products – but they also follow to be engaged by you. @TylerOakley tweeted to @TacoBell “I’m protesting @TacoBell until they address the absence of Cool Ranch Doritos Taco.” Cleverly and playfully @TacoBell replied: “@TylerOakley We’re coming out with a cool, new taco this summer. #HintHint” The result? Hundreds of Retweets and a viral 10 minutes of fame, all while Taco Bell connected personally with a customer and promoted an upcoming product. Marketing genius.

Make the most of connecting with your followers via social media to not only increase brand awareness, but make your followers feel appreciated.

3. Create Outstanding Headlines
It is reported that 8 out of 10 people will click or engage a link in your post if your headline is creative or draws them in. While many call this “click-bait”, the connotation doesn’t have to be negative so long as you are linking to quality content. Tips for creating engaging headlines:

  • Make your titles short. People scan articles titles, giving about a one second glance before deciding whether to click an articles or not. The ideal article titles is only 6 words in length.
  • Keep your character count under 65. Any more than this and you risk your title being cut off in search results.
  • Use of adjectives matter. People like descriptions, so be sure to include adjectives that grab the attention of the reader. You’re not advertising the newest ab exercise, you’re advertising the most incredible ab exercise to hit the fitness world.

4. Use Other Platforms
Social media is great, but don’t let that stop you from pursuing other platforms for your marketing strategy. Posting relevant articles with proper SEO in them, having sponsored blogs written about your company on popular or niche websites or agencies, creating newsletters, and taking advantage of real life events will all be beneficial to your business success.

5. Learn From The Best
One of the very best ways to learn how to best optimize your content marketing strategy is to learn from the best. Go to big box companies similar to your own and see how they are using their social media. This doesn’t mean you should steal their posts and alter them for your own social media, but rather, study what makes their posts engaging and successful. You may find that many companies are not outright “selling” their products in every single post they make, but rather, are engaging with their followers and posting creative content that followers will be likely to share.