Instagram for Business? Can It Provide Any ROI?

April 15, 2015 | posted in: blog

Social media strategies litter the figurative pages of the internet with web marketing trends for companies both big and small, but is there any real marketing benefits from using them? Yes, in fact, there is. The world has gone digital, with companies now being able to interact with millions of followers on a daily basis.

What’s more, we live in a generation where images are everything. Not company image. Just, literal images. We are living within a visual generation, where double tapping a filtered image can do more for your return of investment than promoting your product on a billboard, but does it work on Instagram?

While other social media platforms can be measured by likes, retweets, and audience reach, Instagram does make it harder to see where your audience has come from – making the question of getting a ROI more difficult to answer. For example, Instagram doesn’t allow links to be placed in their description box, however you can put a link in your “bio” section to your latest featured product.

That being said, a study done by a social media agency online confirmed that Instagram is one of the most effective business platforms out of all social media. In fact, this same study showed companies in the USA who used Instagram to promote their businesses received a 1-3 perfect increase in revenue. So why does it work? Unlike using Twitter or Facebook, the proper use of Instagram (posting only so much a day, correct use of hashtags, SEO, and company sponsored links in the bio section) not only offers you a chance to engage your followers and connect them to your product, it also provides them with something pretty to look at. It’s amazing the amount of attention a sleek looking cup of coffee and a well-chosen filtered photo can do for your family owned coffee shop.

Those eager to know whether their Instagram account is driving business to their website do well to use Instagram only coupon codes, featured only on their official account. This will give companies a better idea of the revenue they are generating through this form of social media.

So should you use Instagram for your business? The answer is a resounding yes. While you may not be able to get a crystal clear read on whether your Instagram followers are the ones driving traffic to your website, with over 200 million active users and consistent follower engagement (that is at least three times more active than those on other social networks) choosing Instagram as a social media marketing strategy would be a win/win for you and your company.