Why PPC Is An Essential Element Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

July 27, 2015 | posted in: blog

There are so many options to better your business when it comes to web marketing trends that sometimes fantastic choices may fall to the way side. One thing that should never be out of your mind is using Pay Per Click (PPC) for your business. This digital marketing strategy is a fantastic way to get people to your website quickly and generate ROI leads for your business.

PPC, sometimes also referred to as “Cost Per Click”, is the marketing option of having your company’s advertisement displayed on various websites and search engines for a fee. Your banner ad will be selected for publication based on keyword phrases relevant to both your, and the websites target audience. These ads then generate clicks and direct the audience to your website or product through a sponsored link.

True to its name, Pay Per Click advertising means you pay the website or search engine a small fee every time someone clicks on your sponsored link. While paying to have people visit your website may sound counter-productive, here are 3 good reasons why your business would benefit from PPC social media advertising.

1. Target And Grow Your Customers
From choosing language to specific countries, pay per click advertising allows you to target exactly the audience your company is looking for in their native tongue. Because of this specific targeting, PPC also allows you to grow your customer base and find consumers that love your product. This is a great option for consumers as well, since research shows that PPC ads are more clicked on than any other form of online advertising.

2. Loss Is Outweighed By Profits
One of the biggest gripes about PPC marketing is that you have to pay just to have people come to your website. This may seem like a blow at first, but come to realize that your profits will outweigh any small costs you encounter. For example, a customer clicks your advertised link costing you $20, but buys a painting from your gallery worth over $1000. This is a great opportunity to build your customer base and your profits, all for a reasonable SEO fee.

3. It’s Good For Conversion
Since you know from their keyword searches that those clicking on your banner ad are already interested in your product or service, it will be easier to convert this visitor into a valued customer. This will make it easier to reach out with an e-mail subscription than if they were a random visitor. Companies have statistically higher conversion rates when using PPC.

Aside from these three benefits, PPC is also a fantastic way to promote your channel and any new products you are offering, due to the ease in which you can change your banners or videos. In the end, PPC is an essential tool for online marketing that should not be shied away from!