The Role Of The Content Strategist In The Digital Marketing Agency World

August 17, 2015 | posted in: blog

Have you ever noticed how your favorite brand comes out with killer content every month that never ceases to amaze, educate, and think outside the box? If you find yourself consistently “liking” or sharing this brand’s content, or stand in amazement at a certain companies social media presence then odds are you’re tipping your hat to their content strategist!

One thing that’s certain is the title of “Content strategist” continues to rise in LinkedIn job profiles and internet slang. For the rest of you who are still a bit fuzzy on what exactly a content strategist does for social media agencies, we’re here to fill you in.

The title of a content strategist refers to those who are responsible for planning, developing, and managing content for social media, video’s, and digital copy. This mix of business analysis, technical communication, and content management is integral to a company’s creative plan.

Whether you’re a company, brand, blogger, YouTube personality, or twitter fanatic you all share something in common: content. The current age of the internet is all about content; sharing, liking, and publishing creative and sharable content to your audience. The job of a content strategist is to analyze their client’s long-term strategy and then structure, create, format, publish, and update their content, creating sharable content that benefits their client and their audience.

While the tasks of a content strategist vary from company to company, some of the daily tasks performed by content strategists include.

    • Review existing content as an audit, deciding what is acceptable to the brand and choosing the company’s marketing goals.
    • Creating content and publishing sharable company content through social media, graphics, multimedia, video, blogging, and more.
    • Maintaining accurate SEO strategies in all content formats.
    • Planning the best path for client’s to get ROI
    • Connecting with other brands and organizations for collaborations
    • Evaluating content to ensure branding is fresh and shareable.

The world of content marketing is still relatively new, making defining digital marketing job titles a little tricky. What does a content strategist do? Put simply, they create a strategy for content sharing. Put more accurately? They do a lot.