Using LinkedIn Ads For Your Business

June 29, 2015 | posted in: blog

In the wide world of social media digital marketing, LinkedIn often stands underappreciated and overlooked.

Why? For starters, LinkedIn has a much smaller audience than other networks, and has a reputation for being strictly for B2B connections – hardly possessing the quippy nature of Twitter, instant access of Youtube videos, the arty and flashy appeal of Instagram, and nowhere even close to the explosive platform of Facebook. But as it turns out there’s actually dozens of reasons why you should offer a second look at LinkedIn and take advantage of LinkedIn Ads for your business.

Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn Ads
It’s very easy to target your preferred audience. With LinkedIn’s pay-per-click ads you’re able to customize your targeting options, from searching specific keywords, company size, seniority, geography, job skills, roles, and titles, and also personal interests.

Linked in also contains some of the most up to date information. Unlike the “bio” section of someone’s Facebook account, LinkedIn is much more likely to have a more up-to-date, in-depth collection of professional information.

Which Ads To Choose From
Aside from the already mentioned pay-per-click ads, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to your web marketing, such as:

#1. The Classic, Giant Banner: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions includes an array of banner ads to choose from. These ads will show up on the right side of your profile and may contain photos, flashing ads, text ads and more.

#2. Follow Company Ads: These little ads will encourage other LinkedIn users to do just that: follow your company! This is great for businesses who are just starting out on LinkedIn and are looking to gain a follower base.

#3. Sponsored Ads: The Sponsored InMail option allows advertisers to send “e-mails” to any LinkedIn user.

#4. Recommended Ads: This ad option will appear in different locations on the website and allows you to show off a specific product, as well as your company. This option will also display how many people recommend your specific product.

Even better news? You can still adjust your LinkedIn ad even after it goes live. If you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for, you can always edit and re-target your ad and try again.

LinkedIn has over 300 million users in a professional, social environment. Corner your share of this fantastic ad opportunity and try out LinkedIn ads for your business.