How Does Wearable Technology Shape The Future Of Digital Marketing?

August 22, 2015 | posted in: blog

Did you ever think that you would dump your smart phone and opt to answer text messages through a runway dress? Well, now you can!

Do you remember back in the 1990′s when futuristic movies depicted “magic” touch screen monitors, and technologically advances goggles that let you see through time? Well, little did you know that tablets and Google glass would actually come into existence. That’s right, this is one avenue in which movies finally predicted future technology. Today we have a wide variety of wearable technology that is sweeping the digital marketing world. Some examples of growing wearable tech currently include Google Goggles, Bluetooth dresses, Google Glass, smart watches and more.

Wearable technology was predicted as one of 2015′s biggest advancements and continues to produce ground-breaking products that are changing the marketing world every day. This futuristic advancement will only continue to blossom as it becomes more mainstream, but what does this mean for web marketing trends?

While wearable technology is unlikely to replace smart phone addicts anytime soon, the seemingly endless possibilities of marketing through these wearable gadgets has social media agencies on the edge of their seats. Here are just some of the wearable tech gadgets available today that will change the way you market.

  • Pay Per… Gaze? That’s right, as of August 2013, Google officially patented “Pay Per Gaze Advertising.” This means that PPC may be out the window when it comes to wearable tech. Social media managers, start your game-plan now.
  • Tech clothing. There have been many variations of “smart clothing”, from shirts that light up when you receive a text message, to “biomechanics” shirts that records fitness information in 3D, allowing the user to assess whether they are correctly performing exercises, or straining certain areas of their bodies. Many of these smart articles of clothing will connect to smart phone apps and allow users to interact or track their movements. This opens up a whole new world of intimate marketing.
  • Voice functions. Most, if not all wearable tech can also be voice activated. Since voice apps will influence keyword targeting, this will have a large impact on SEO, PPC, and ROI for marketers.
  • Smart accessories. There are many different types of smart accessories available, from wristbands, wearable hands-free/smartphone headwear, and jewelry. The most popular smart accessory is currently the smart watch. These devices are worn on the wrist and connect with your smart phone. These watches allow you to check weather, e-mails, twitter updates, and oh yeah: check the time. Social media is available through smartwatches, opening up a new avenue for wearable ROI and PPC marketing options.

Wearable tech is a fantastic addition to the modern world and certainly opens up clever and creative avenues for digital marketing. Not only are these advancements fascinating to watch, they also help marketers track user motives. The wearable technology we are seeing today is only the beginning. As technology continues to advance, marketers continue with new and innovative strategies to match the times.