heart & soul

AspectSolar already had a website, video production, and a social media presence. However, all three had their own thing going on. Their brand messaging got lost in the crossfire. And while they were selling out of product, they knew they could do better.



Despite having multiple brand voices out there in the market already, we agreed that none of them really spoke to the heart and soul of AspectSolar. Yes, people had unlimited power for their smartphones and could watch a movie outside with a portable projector, but that wasn’t the point of portable solar power. While incredibly powerful, these were invented for the outdoors. That’s how we came up with “Freedom is Being Fully Charged”.

Solar energy is beginning to finally take off on a consumer level. Plenty of companies are trying to capitalize on the affordability of solar technology, but only AspectSolar has the mass appeal it needs to sustain success. We found the emotional connection to their product, and that opened up new doors for marketing and product inspiration. The surprise for AspectSolar was not only getting an effective marketing strategy, but finding a new direction for their business.

The new AspectSolar ecommerce site is a streamlined flow of information. Whenever someone opens the site, it excites with its design. A quick scroll down the homepage neatly communicates product features and lifestyle, delivering each customer to the cart page. The challenge with this site was to craft an education-driven site that was still conducive to purchasing.


freedom to explore, freedom to play

Now with a clear brand voice, AspectSolar is poised to take over the market. Together, we’ve positioned them as a family-oriented retailer with products for the casual outdoorsman and enthusiasts alike. With creative strategy to back them up, AspectSolar will continue to do great things.