they love food

The crew at Commercial Parts & Service (CPS) is different from your average commercial kitchen technicians. They’re trained, they’re experienced, and they’re great with kitchen equipment. Any of CPS’s competitors could say the same thing. What makes them different is a love for food made by the machines they service and the passion for the service they deliver.




We at WOWbrands are designers, writers, and developers. We know that an espresso machine makes our morning drinks, but we wouldn’t know how to change a gasket if CPS pointed at where it goes. Finding common ground was easy, though. They clearly had a passion for commercial equipment service, and we had a passion for design. And together, we could go on and on about food. So we designed a campaign around making their brand accessible, both in the practical sense and in spirit.

Brand culture begins with corporate culture. We went to one of CPS’s locations to film a series of food challenges around the ‘We Love Food’ campaign. As a business, your biggest advocates are your employees. By taking the campaign to them and then to social media, we’ve been able to showcase the CPS culture to their customers far and wide.

The redesigned CPS site with a part search and manual search has helped CPS almost double their business in the past two years. Through search engine optimization and a web interface as friendly as their staff, CPS now ships parts all over the world to kitchens in need.

business that keeps growing

Commercial Parts & Service shows no signs of slowing down. They’re a family-owned company that’s been around for more than forty years and they’ve made the transition into the digital era unlike many other companies in their industry.