fill your growler

Corner Stone is a boutique shop for craft beer and wine, and drink knowledge. Those new to craft beverages can come in for help selecting the perfect drink for them, a friend, or even a dinner. Located in a quiet corner just off the main road, Corner Stone needed a website that pointed people their way like how they helped customers find the right alcoholic treat.





More than just a corner store, Corner Stone has a lot going for it. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, they’re the best resource for craft beer and wine in Columbus. We decided to help them showcase that knowledge with a website and a way to post new content they created.

Drink Up!, the Corner Stone blog, is a place for the shopkeepers to share what’s new and what they’re drinking. In their beer page, a virtual chalkboard shows visitors what’s currently on tap to fill their growlers with.

A fancy logo, designed by us, also adorns their official growler bottles. The minimal design is based on the shape of their iconic building. Corner Stone is an old part of Columbus and they wanted to emphasize a connection with the history of the place. And everyone in the neighborhood will know exactly where Corner Stone is if they see a friend’s growler.

take out the guesswork

With custom content management, Corner Stone has a new venue outside of social media for reaching out to fans and potential new customers. They’re bringing the best beer to the city, and that’s something WOWbrands can support.