specialty baked goods, friendly to your diet

When Kelly was young, her father was diagnosed with diabetes. He couldn’t eat the delicious baked goods that he’d loved for so long. Over time, Kelly taught herself to bake within his restrictions and deliver a flavor just as full. Then she baked for some friends with vegan and paleo dietary restrictions. And then she started adding delicious booze. Before long, Kelly found herself with all the makings of a bakery business and no storefront.



Without a brick and mortar location, having a great website was key. For Kelly to support her baking business, she would need a place for people to find her, get in touch, and experience how wonderful her treats were. She brought us a plateful of her cupcakes (for field research, really) and we could immediately tell that crafting a website as excellent as her product would be our challenge.

Selling food through a so-so website is difficult. We decided that Local Bake Shop would benefit from our professional photography. The result is a site full of mouth-watering pictures that bring to mind the scents and sounds of a boutique bakery.

Kelly got a stellar website for Local Bake Shop, a way to sell her delicious treats, and a platform for reaching out lovers of specialty baked goods. Her logo was a sweet combination of rich colors and creamy font.



columbus’ local bake shop

Local Bake Shop has the best and most modern bakery website in Columbus, and Kelly doesn’t even need a storefront. Competing sites focus on the brand, but that’s their mistake. Local Bake Shop’s brand is the product. With big, bold photography and design that reflects her food, Kelly’s site makes it hard to browse without getting hungry. Try it, we dare you.