personalized education

Olympus Charter Schools are a student-centered public education alternative and free to everyone. For students either looking to get ahead or catch-up, Olympus offers a way to get the classroom education they need and the practical job experience they want. An Olympus Eagle is a high school student who knows what they want to achieve and could use a few good teachers to cheer them on.



Education as customizable and unique as Olympus Schools’ requires a thorough website. By nature of being personalized education, they have a lot to offer. We wanted all of that information to be available, but for their brand to still communicate as much as possible in as few words were necessary.

They needed a logo that said it all. We presented them with the blue eagle whose wings turn into a laurel wreath. Any prospective student can immediately see that Olympus stands for academic achievement, visibility in the community, and leadership. The site content speaks to how an Olympus student becomes that.

Olympus’ site received top-notch information architecture, smoothly providing more and more pertinent information as a user clicked deeper into the site. And with a ready-to-go public relations campaign for launch, Olympus could make an impact on students searching for more in Central Ohio.



explore the new vision of education

The Olympus brand looks like an established charter school, not just a small organization that knows what it’s doing. When it comes to things like education, that clout will go far. Their professionally-designed site communicates their experience and trustworthiness.