the gag gift returns

Pet Rock, everyone’s favorite 1970s gag gift, is back. The original product shipped with detailed instructions on how to care for and train your pet rock. What’s the modern equivalent of an instruction manual? A brilliantly designed website.




The Pet Rock and WOWbrands have something in common: a sense of humor. Capturing the voice of pet rock was easy – all of the copy is from the actual rock’s perspective. That silly spirit overflowed into everything else. An award-winning website (no joke), a little social media savvy, and clever package design brought this pet to life.

Pet Rock delighted Twitter users through our Christmas social media campaign. Any time a user mentioned the phrase “pet rock”, whether referring to the product or not, the Pet Rock Twitter account responded to ask about their pet. Hundreds of unsuspecting Twitter users got a surprise tweet from an account that linked back to the product page.

Pet Rock made its official re-debut and made some ripples in the ecommerce world. As a standalone site for a gag gift, Pet Rock drove a good amount of traffic and delighted/perplexed gift recipients that Christmas.

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When something like Pet Rock returns, it gets noticed. Thanks to us, it won an award or two. 10 Best Design awarded the site as a top ten for ecommerce design.