technology that protects the rolling stones and the constitution

tattletale had been protecting commercial properties and big names with their revolutionary technology since 1996. The commercial unit is a wireless alarm that runs on cellular networks and utilizes tamperproof technology that helped them go on a ‘security spree’ and dominate the construction market. They wanted to release a residential unit to bring the same power to the consumer. It was our job to find everything that made their commercial unit a success and translate it into the consumer market.



With a client list as impressive as tattletale’s, it was easy to see why their commercial unit did so well. They’ve protected The Rolling Stones’ tour, the US Constitution, the St. Louis Arch, Microsoft’s corporate campus, and were used by 24 of the 25 largest construction companies in the world. The appealing features of each device were the same, but we positioned the personal tattletale in a completely opposite way from the rough-and-tumble commercial unit. With finessed verbiage and a lifestyle website that emphasized the elegant design of the personal device, tattletale saw an immediate impact on their sales of both devices.



The personal tattletale device found a niche that was contradictory to the commercial unit. The switch in marketing was a new move for tattletale, but a welcome one after seeing the traffic their new site attracted.

tattletale went from a soft release to a launch in retail stores and online with unprecedented sales of more than a hundred units every two to three months. Collateral work on their print materials and a tradeshow booth earned tattletale a Best in Show award at the Summer National Association of Music Merchants convention. With great marketing and their revolutionary product, tattletale is building a nationally recognizable brand.

the future of home security

Celebrity attention and an endorsement from Bernard Purdie are driving this company onward to even greater national recognition and success. Luckily for them, they’ve already found an agency that can grow with them. tattletale technology is the first of its kind, and still the most advanced protection available in security.